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Nassau Condos
Owner: North Developers
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Size: 100,000 square feet

Project Highlights:

Located in the heart of downtown Brooklyn, the Nassau Condos are the newest addition to this thriving, vibrant community. This new 88 unit high-end condominium tower is within easy access of Borough Hall, Fulton Street, Manhattan, the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges, and just about every subway line. Conveniences abound within the development as well, including underground parking and scores of building amenities. Mehandes Engineering provided full MEP/FP services for this new development.

Design Considerations:

To address HVAC systems for these high-end condominiums, Mehandes incorporated a cooling tower and boilers on the roof which provide a condenser water loop for vertical stack water source heat pumps.

The building is protected from fire by an automatic sprinkler system. Due to the rising cost of copper, power supply to the units is submetered on individual floors, which greatly reduces the amount of copper wiring needed for the building. A central hot water system is heated indirectly at the rooftop boiler room, through boiler water, creating a design that is both cost efficient and requires minimal long-term maintenance.

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