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The Power House, Buildings B and C
Location: Long Island City, New York
Size: Building B: 200,000 sq ft. Building C: 135,000 sq ft.

Project Highlights:

Located in the booming Queens neighborhood of Long Island City, Building B and Building C of the Power House will be developed adjacent to Building A, located in the old Pennsylvania Railroad Power Station. Featuring panoramic views of the Manhattan skyline, Building B will house approximately 180 rental apartments within its twelves stories, and Building C will include 70 rental apartments within its ten stories. A parking garage will encompass forty percent of Building C. Both buildings are currently in the conceptual design stages.

Design Considerations:

Mehandes Engineering teamed up with Karl Fischer Architects for the design and construction of Building B and Building C of the Power House. While Building B is being developed from the ground up, the eight-foot mat slab of the previous building’s foundation is to remain. Mehandes is designing a sanitary and storm water collection and service with careful coordination with the structural engineer (Wexler and Associates, P.C.) that will not have an adverse affect on the structural integrity of the existing slab.

For HVAC, apartments will have Hydronic PTAC units in each room. While this is a rental property, the Hydronic PTAC is a step up from the typical gas fired units, providing a quieter, lower-maintenance operation. With this system, the tenants do not pay the heating costs during the winter. A central hot water system is heated indirectly at the rooftop boiler room, through boiler water, creating a design that is both cost efficient and requires minimal long-term maintenance.

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