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50 Bayard Street
Owner: North Developers
Architect: Karl Fischer

Featuring 58 luxury condominium apartments, the Ikon is located in North Williamsburg, one of New York City’s most desirable neighborhoods. Situated along the Brooklyn waterfront, the Ikon’s floor-to-ceiling windows maximize each unit’s staggering views of the Manhattan skyline. A blend of old with the new, the Ikon is a conversion of a four-story “loft” warehouse with a six story glass tower added at the top. The modern yet stately design unites varying themes and periods of structural design. Mehandes Engineering provided all MEP/FP systems for the luxury residential conversion.

Design Considerations:

Mehandes Engineering worked closely with the award-winning architectural firm of Karl Fischer to ensure that beauty and efficiency unite at the Ikon. As with most conversions, there were challenges: Mehandes had to contend with a shallow cellar with limited headroom, as well as a common area that needed to be protected from the elements. For the cellar, Mehandes collected the sanitary and storm lines at the first floor ceiling and split off the first floor waste lines, which were then directed straight down and underground. Since the new glass tower rises above the building and is separate from the exiting structure, Mehandes combined all the risers into a common shaft to maintain the aesthetics of the architect’s vision.

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