50 Bayard Street
Academic Campus of Ashdod
Coney Island
Grandview Heights
Nassau Condos
Pearson Street
River Valley Care Center
Sochi Hotel
The Power House, Buildings B and C
Wi-Fi Professional Center
Yeshiva Ktana of Passaic
YSV Girls Elementary School


Academic Campus of Ashdod
Architect: In partnership with Lousqui Engineering
Location: Israel
Size: 330,000 square feet

A 330,000 square foot campus consisting of 7 buildings.
Striking a balance between a centralized HVAC plant and smaller systems catering to uses of each building, the mechanical system features a 1,600 ton chilled-water energy center with building-specific night cooling and winter circulation of warm air from the top of atrium down to floor level. To further conserve energy, the air handlers feature economizers.
By streamlining the mechanical design with other building systems, other resource-saving featured have been added. For instance, condensate water, produced by conditioning hot and humid air of Ashdod, is used to irrigate the landscaping.

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