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River Valley Care Center
Architect: AHF Architect
Location: Hudson Valley, New York

Situated in the Hudson Valley, roughly between Albany and New York City, the River Valley Care Center is a 160-bed skilled nursing center. The center is conveniently located one mile from both St. Francis Hospital and Vassar Brothers Hospital.

Design Considerations:

Working together with AHF Architect, Mehandes Engineering ensured that the low-maintenance design of the building allowed the management of the nursing home to focus its efforts and energy on the well-being of the residents. The facility features Hydronic PTAC Units for each resident room that provide efficient zoned heating and cooling all year-round. Residents can adjust the temperature to make themselves comfortable, enhancing the feeling of being at home, while making the equipment installation quick, flexible, and economical.

Packaged mechanical systems located on the roof serve public spaces, allowing for easy maintenance while freeing up valuable interior space for other uses. Ventilation for the commercial kitchen in excess of minimum code requirements creates a more pleasant dining environment for the elderly.

Electrical backup and emergency power generators ensure uninterrupted power supply for critical support vent beds and other vital systems. Nurse call systems were provided to all resident room beds and bathrooms.

Domestic water is heated by the space heating boilers through supply and return circulation loops, to indirect fired, storage water heaters. Domestic mains and risers are kept hot by a re-circulation system that return water to the boilers to be reheated.

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