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Quality assurance is an organizational priority that is integrated into all facets of every project.


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Mehandes begins by implementing a thorough checks-and-balances system to help monitor every stage of a project. The process is initiated and supervised through the principal-in-charge and the project manager, and is integrated by the full participation of our professional staff. Our project managers work closely with the clients, their representatives, and consultants to coordinate and satisfy all contractual requirements and organizational activities.

Individual lead engineers maintain responsibility for following the process within their disciplines and with other members of the design team. Document checks follow a basic codified outline for all disciplines throughout the entire design process.

These items are logged on detailed project checklists and are reviewed and signed off by all lead engineers and supervisory personnel. This effort is repeated at major project milestones up to the completion of the project. By employing this methodology on all of our projects, we are better able to control the quality of the designs we produce with consistent, high quality results.


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