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Mr. Alexander Polatsek, P.E.,
Alexander Polatsek is the founder of Mehandes Engineering and has served as the principal-in-charge and project director on several hundred MEP engineering and design projects in over a dozen building types. Mr. Polatsek’s projects have ranged from small renovations for non-profit clients to major new developments of over one million square feet. Recognized as a leading expert on MEP design and project management, Mr. Polatsek has worked extensively in the US and various countries overseas. As the managing principle of the firm, he serves as an office-wide resource on planning, design and feasibility analysis as well as cost control and scheduling issues.

Mr. Aaron Polatsek
Aaron Polatsek joined Mehandes in 2001 to oversee the development of the firm. Aaron has assessed developed and instituted systems and procedures for engineering, design, presentation, and client relationships. Under his management, the company has grown dramatically while improving its commitment to design excellence.

Mr. Brian Polatsek

Previously the CEO of a successful construction and design-build company, Brian joined the company in 2004. Brian brings with him a rich background in the field realities of project design. Brian works closely with our clients to find the best systems and locations for MEP equipment. Brian also coordinates all construction documents with the architect, developer, structural and MEP engineers to ensure that our drawings take the needs of all parties into account and that the final design provides the best solution to meet these requirements. Brian’s design background and construction experience are decisive in matters involving aesthetic design, cost analysis, budgeting, and overall management of our large-scale projects.


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